Frequently asked questions

What is a collaborative Fund?

A collaborative fund involves donors pooling their resources towards a shared goal. In addition, donors commit to collaborative decision making about the use of the funds, through a steering committee. Working collaboratively has many advantages. It can increase the amount of funding available, allow grant making processes to be streamlined, encourage shared learning, and create new opportunities for synergy.

Who will receive grants from the Fund?

The four early childhood regional networks (AfECN, ANECD, ARNEC and ISSA) will be the primary recipients of grants from the Fund. Because the relationship between these networks and ECDAN (the global ECD network) is so important, the Fund will also seek to support collaborative projects involving the regional networks and ECDAN. In time, if a regional network is established in Latin America, then the Fund aims to increase its scope accordingly.

What is the budget of the Fund?

The donors have already committed more than US$ 5m to cover the first three years of the Fund's operations (2022-2025). The goal is to raise a total of US$ 9m over the first five years.

When will the Fund start to make grants? What is the application process?

In the fall of 2022, the Fund released the first grants to the Regional Networks. For 2023, a few grants are in the pipeline and will be developed in consultation with the Networks.

How will grant making decisions be made?

The Fund has established a Steering Committee made up of donor representatives.

Is this Fund the only mechanism to support regional networks?

There are many bilateral relationships between networks and funders. A diversity of funding sources is important to support change and ensure sustainability. This fund aims to add to the possible options for supporting regional networks, especially where a collaborative funding approach makes sense.

Who hosts the fund?

Donor collaboratives require a fiscal sponsor or host organization to manage the funds received from the donors. The founding donors are pleased to be working with Swiss Philanthropy Foundation (SPF), which has been selected as the host organisation for the Early Childhood Regional Networks Fund. SPF is not involved in programmatic decisions about the use of funds, but does implement all financial transactions (grants, contracts and payments), ensures good governance, and plays the critical role of ensuring that all legal and financial obligations (especially when money moves internationally) are fulfilled. SPF has an active Equivalency Determination on file, and is able to receive funds from U.S. donors on the same basis as a 501(c)(3) public charity.